K  O  N  A - Singer-Songwriter
Why'd you go(Acousti-me 2009)
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WE Love Changed 
Cloud Nine and Cloud Seven
Internet Music Group, "Gone Fishing for Blue Skies", loves the world of Kona...
Honolulu Star Bulletin April 23, 2009
Review by: John Berger "Acousti-me"
(Linekona Records)
Erving "Kona" Chang opens this collection of original music with "Hold On," a song perfect for these troubled times. In it he approaches the subject of surviving bad times on several levels. His most memorable observation is that there are times when "we trust the people who come back to bite us." That is so true, whether he is referring to duplicitous lovers or to Bernard Madoff and the financial con men who crashed Wall Street.
Chang explains in the liner notes that the title grew out of his love for acoustic music that takes "you back to life's good times." He plays almost all the instruments except for percussion, and with a skill that results in a album that is a commercial-grade release rather than a singer-songwriter's demo.
Imaginative lyrics percolate through the collection. A phrase that sounds at first like a compliment turns out to be a come-on for a booty call, while an insult, "You can take your face and throw it away," leads to a muted appeal for reconciliation.
Clean, well-written instrumental arrangements are the other half of Chang's musical calling card.
Kona Review 
The Honolulu Advertiser 
By: Wayne Harada 
Kona born & raised in  Waimanalo, HI. Former Drummer with the "Tropical Knights". He's evolved into a guitar-strumming crooner with a tender & soulful voice, easily summed up in the opening track "I am". A folk-oriented ballad with a refreshing & relaxing aura. Kona wrote the words and music, co-engineered the cd, and plays guitar (acoustic & electric), bass and drums and percussion. While ballads appear to be his forte, he adds a mild tempo and soft-rock riffs to some of the tunes. Think James Taylor or John Mayer with a local spin. The outlook: Could be a biggie for Kona, with deejay support and exposure in an upcoming concert. Our take: If romantic reflections is your cup of tea, this one is terrific.
Kona Review 
Honolulu Star Bulletin
By: John Berger
The creation of a Hawaiian Category ensures that at least one Hawaii artist will win a grammy this year. Kona isn't in the running, but this impressive album reminds us that local artists can record grammy worthy music, even without the advantage of a special ethnic category. Kona is a modern pop troubadour with a good ear for the details that make this album of original pop-rock interesting. The album tells a cohesive story of ennui, romantic missteps and the search for true love. While acoustic & electric guitars are the foundation of the over all sound, the judicious use of bass, percussion and keyboards adds variety and emotion. Kona's voice is reminiscent of Randy Lorenzo, but with more of a pop edge. His wit and emagination as a lyricist make "Changed" an album that sophisticated adults can count on enjoying with repeated play.
Kona review/ interview with:Internet Radio Magazine
 by: Joel Gaines
Kona’s music is uplifting and straight-forward. There is no complex nuance that you have to figure out. He’s a guy singing about things we all feel.
Some of his songs inspire us with hope and closeness to what could be. Other tracks focus on things that we wish we could change about life, but can only survive. Those rainy days that you just want to be over and done with.
I can (and have) listen to Kona for hours  - just let the great accustics, and soulful vocals just pour over me.  After hearing his music, you want to get to know him better – sit around and share a meal with him and his friends and family. Kona’s music is mostly about living life with those you care about – each helping the other in any way they can. It is about the Aloha Spirit...!(Click banner to read more)
HONOLULU WEEKLY (sxsw 2010 article)